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120V 220V RGB RF Touch Controller

RGB Touch Controller,Static color,RGB Color jumpy changing, RGB Color gradual changing.Strobe,Fade, Brightness and Speed can be adjustable
  • HC04
  • 3-5 work days


1.The newest PWM control technology,delicate light performance,no flicker.
2.More than 50 meters RF remote control distance.
3.Color mode changes and more flexible control.
4.Multi-type menory functions for color,modes,speed,and brightness.
5.Smart appearance,standard in put and output port,easy installation and high cost performance.
1. Construction decoration:commercial buildings,airports or subways.
2. Indoor decoration:hotels,shopping malls,squares,restaurants,bars,houses.
3. Outdoor decoration:advertising boards,parks,bridges,roads and overpasses,scenic spots.
4. Others:decorating for motor vehicles,samples reveal ark and the places needing RGB lights.
Panel and interface specifications and Product dimensions

Adopt RF remoter to control the led controller,which has 6 buttons,the function of each button as the table below

Modes table
Serial numbet Mode Serial numbet Mode
1 Static red 7 Static white
2 Static green 8 Three base color jumpy changing
3 Static blue 9 Seven base color jumpy changing
4 Static yellow 10 Three base color fade change
5 Static cyan 11 Seven base color fade change
6 Static purple

The wiring and the typical product apply diagram

I nstalling caution
1.Please install the products by professional electrician.
2.This product can not waterproof,please put into water-proof tank if the clients want to use it outdoor.
3.Always be sure to mount this unit in an area that will allow proper ventilation to ensure a fitting temperature.
4.Please don't install this controller in lightening,intense magnetic and high voltage fields. 
5.Check if the voltage and power adapter suit the controller and LED lights.
6.Please make sure the wires can sufficiently load the LED lights for avoiding accident.
7.Please make sure all the wires are connected correctly before switching on the power.



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