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High voltage RGB/RGBW WIFI controller

YH-HC08 RGB/RGBW WIFI Controller

1 AC100-140v or AC200-260V
2 1200W MAX
3 2.5A*4
4 IP67 waterproof
5 Max connect 100m rgb or rgbw led strip & neon flex

  • YH-HC08
  • BET
  • 1-5
  • 5-7 days
  • 1200W
  • AC100-140V or AC200-260V
  • 100M max for RGB /RGBW led strip & neon flex
  • IP67,available for indoor and outdoor using
  • 195*72*43mm
  • 250*90*48mm
  • 800g
  • Andriod 4.0(Above),Apple IOS8.0(Above)
  • English/Chinese
High voltage RGB / RGBW wifi controller 

High voltage RGB/RGBW wifi controller is a new product which allows user to change led strip color by smart device,such as cell-phone,ipad.

Please check details user manual as follow 

1. Technical parameters

Input Voltage: AC100-140V AC200-260V
Output Voltage: DC100-140V DC200-260V
Maximum Load Current: 2.5A * 4
Maximum Load Power: 1200 W
Control method: RGB Dimming, Color change, Solid color strobe, RGB combining color jumpy change, RGB combining color  fade change
RGBW Dimming, Color change, Solid color strobe, White Color, RGB combining color jumpy changing RGB combining color fade  change
Working Temperature: 30°C ~ 60°C
IP Grade: IP67
Product size: 195*72*43mm
Packing size: 250*90*48mm
G.W. : 800g
Software technical parameters:

OS: Android 4.0 (above), Apple IOS8.0( above)
OS Language: Chinese, English

2.  Mode of connection


3.  Preparation before  using
(1)  Download  from  the  intelligent  device(Telephone,  IPAD,  Computer)――Smart  Life  APP Or Download Smart Life App from scanning the right QR  Code.图片1
(2)  Make sure the intelligent device (Telephone, IPAD, Computer) connect to  WIFI.
(3)  Properly connect RGB/RGBW led strip and WIFI  controller.
(4)  Make sure the supply voltage is match to the WIFI controller. When the WIFI controller plug in, the power indicator light will be always-on and the short-circuit indicator light start blinking. Until the short-circuit indicator light off, led strip will work  properly.

4. Connecting your device

1.  Please continuously power the controller 3 times(on-off-on-off-on), stop at a light on condition in which the light blinks quickly.
2.  Open the app, sign up for a new account and log in. Add Home--Enter your home name and click done--Add device--Click All--Click Lighting Devices( Or others)---Click Confirm light blinks rapidly--Enter Wi-Fi Password and confirm--LED Strip on red--Done. (Please find FAQ for solution if it failed connection.  )

5. Modes Selection

Click Color Mode: Single color option,
brightness and temperature can be adjusted 
                                                                                         图片2  图片3

图片4 Click Scene Mode: (1) Night Mode: Color& Brightness can not be adjusted

(2)  Reading Mode: Color& Brightness can not be  adjusted

(3)  Party Mode: Color& Brightness can not be  adjusted

(4)  Leisure Mode: Color& Brightness can not be  adjusted

(5)  Soft Mode: Color, brightness,  temperature, speed can be  adjusted

(6)  Rainbow Mode: 6 color max can be adjusted on brightness, temperature, speed

(7)  Shine Mode: Color, brightness, temperature, speed can be  adjusted

(8)  Gorgeous Mode: 6 color max can be adjusted on brightness, temperature,  speed

6. Features

(1)  Share online to make multiplayers  operate
(2)  Create group to make synchronous  control
(3)  Long-range control& Timer switch  control

7. Notes

1.  Do not put the controller into water or covered by  snow
2.  Please maintain ventilation when in  use
3.  Please connect the smart device and WIFI controller on the same WIFI network at first  time
4.  Do not overload over 1200W each controller. 5.Please connect ground lead always when in  use

Weclome to get sample for quality test and contact us for further info.
Thanks for check our new product,wish you have a nice day.



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